gallery Is Heresy the Newest Christian Denomination?

By: Jericho Cook

In recent months I’ve been noticing an influx of the liberal agenda infiltrating the once-sacred walls of the Christian church.

This is a phenomenon that has left me baffled, with one very important question lingering in my mind: how is this happening?

I am from a fairly small town nestled in the foothills of western North Carolina, and I have seen this trend happen more and more frequently with an individual that I’ve known and interacted with quite a few times.

Without being too candid I have questioned this person’s sexual orientation in the past, and my questioning is only perpetauted due to what I see them liking and sharing on Facebook.

Now, the biggest shock to me through all of this is that this person has multiple theological degrees from Christian colleges and is currently pursing a doctoral degree in Christian Theology.

Earlier today, the same individual was interacting with a friend of theirs on Facebook that shared a satirical article regarding the openly homosexual character in Beauty and the Beast. 

This gentleman, who again is a mutual friend on Facebook with the person I know, is an openly gay man who is even donning a shirt that says “Fun Lovin’ Cub” (which, for those of you that don’t know, is what the gay community calls a young gay man who is typically hairy and husky) as his profile picture.

As an added bonus, this man’s page says he studied a “BA in Biblical Studies and Contemporary Christian Ministry at Oak Hills Christian College.”

I’m sorry, what?

How is it that we have individuals that hold theological degrees from Christian colleges, who presumably are well-versed in scripture, yet openly support and advocate for same-sex marriage, transgenderism, abortion and a multitude of other things that are at odds with the sacred text of the religion they have degrees in and are ordained ministers of?

The openly gay gentlemen even has a fairly recent status saying that it is wrong to teach that being LGBTQ is unnatural and sinful:

If your teachings and beliefs aren’t affirming, you are part of the problem. If you are silent, you are part of the problem. Does your religious group still teach that it’s a sin to be LGBTQ? Are you doing anything to counteract that teaching?

Things can only change when the people within these religions speak out, educate, protest, and demand change.

Even teaching that being LGBTQ is unnatural or sinful is violence.

This is something that I would expect to see coming from Andrew Cuomo or Hillary Clinton, not someone who is educated in biblical doctrine.

His words are an almost scary allusion of what you’ll read from heretical “pastor,” John Pavlovitz (who just so happens to lead a “church” in the neighboring city to me of Raleigh, NC).

So why are these people becoming church leaders? How are they allowed to have the platform that they have to present a perversion of the gospel? Why are we pretending that their heresy is biblical doctrine?

I am not exactly sure. All I know is that it’s wrong.

In the case of John Pavlovitz, I believe he’s just twisting the gospel in order to purport his liberal ideals as a means to gain fame and notoriety as “the cool, progressive, liberal pastor who is showing what real Christianity looks like.”

Well, I’ve got bad news for John: that’s what blasphemy looks like.

I would honestly prefer him to be an atheist than use the name of Jesus for his own personal benefit.

As for the person I know and their openly gay friend, who both happen to hold degrees from Christian colleges?

I don’t really know. I can only assume that their knowledge of scripture points out the flaws within their lifestyles and rather than face the fact that their lifestyles don’t align with biblical truth, they claim that the Bible is what’s flawed and not them.

Unfortunately, there are many people that see these heretics as the preservers of biblical doctrine rather than the pervertors of it.

Which is why the need for Christians to take a stand and uphold God’s Word is becoming more and more dire.


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