gallery “A Day Without a Woman” Reflections

By: Jericho Cook

Well, International Women’s Day, along with the “A Day Without a Woman” strike, has come and gone.

In North Carolina, for the towns of Chapel Hill and Carrboro, that meant that K-12 students were able to enjoy a day off as the Chapel Hill-Carrboro City School system decided to cancel school in observance of the day; that, as well as the school district determining that “… [their] inability to operate with a high number of staff absences” would cause unsafe conditions for students.

So, how did students enjoy their free day?

Let me just describe what I personally witnessed.

Yesterday was a beautiful Carolina Blue day at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and given that it was Wednesday, I had to head into my work-study job at 11:30 AM. As I was walking, I ended up behind three girls. Immediately I noticed that two of them were wearing the famous (or infamous, rather) “pink pussy” hats. “Great,” I thought to myself, “I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.” Little did I know that I was about to get a real surprise… as I passed by them, I glanced over and my eyes nearly popped out of my head:

The two girls wearing the “pink pussy” hats were both, as best as I could tell, under the age of 10, and the third girl walking with them had to have been 13-years-old or younger.

I couldn’t, and still can’t, believe it.

Is this really what this day was supposed to do? Is this really why Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools canceled school? So that girls under the age of 10 could walk around wearing vaginas on their heads?

Overlooking the fact that these girls were wandering on a college campus with no adult supervision in sight, the parents of these children ought to be ashamed of themselves.

It is nothing short of disgusting that parents would begin indoctrinating kids that don’t even have two-digit ages into thinking that their “pussies” are a tool of empowerment. And not just that, but that the more in your face it is (i.e. wearing it on your freaking head), the more empowered you are.

That’s not empowering, that’s revolting.

I hope these parents, teachers, and the Chapel Hill-Carrboro City School system realize how abhorrent all of their roles in this perversion of children are. But the truly sad thing is that they’re all probably going to chalk this day up as a success…

Maybe one day they’ll see that stripping away a child’s innocence is always a complete and utter failure.


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