gallery Conservatives: Stop Defending Milo’s Support of Pederasty

By: Jericho Cook

As of two days ago, it was announced that Milo Yiannopoulos would be delivering the keynote address at this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference (or CPAC for short).

Shortly after this announcement reports began to circulate describing some very disturbing comments from Milo regarding pederasty, and his invitation to speak at CPAC has subsequently been rescinded.

Let’s be clear: these videos are not edited. They are not misrepresenting anything that Milo said. Milo was very clear in these videos with both The Drunken Peasants podcast and on Joe Rogan’s show that he believes relations or attractions between adults and anyone under the age of 13 would be considered pedophilia; however, he argues that once the child reaches the age of 13 and is, as Milo himself puts it, “sexually mature” then it is acceptable.

There is a very fine line between pedophilia and pederasty. Milo may be outspoken against pedophilia and may have personally outed three pedophiles as he says, but that does not excuse the fact that he believes there is a distinction to be argued once the child is 13 or older.

This is not okay. This is not acceptable. And I am absolutely shocked by the number of people that are defending Milo’s comments and claiming that he is the victim of some sort of witch-hunt.

I do believe that Milo may have been sexually abused as a young boy, and if he chooses to make jokes about what happened to him (jokes that I will not repeat here, but can be seen in the videographic evidence I have provided) then that is his prerogative.

But the point still stands: pederasty is just as sick and disgusting as pedophilia, and anyone trying to justify or defend that notion is equally as sick and disgusting.


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