gallery No, Fighting for Gay Rights is Not Comparable to the Civil Rights Movement

By: Jericho Cook

An article published by CNN in 2015 has resurfaced and is being shared across social media platforms by many Leftists. The article is based on a remark from Dr. Ben Carson, saying that “… he was ‘irritated’ by the comparison between the fight for same-sex marriage rights and the Civil Rights Movement because there’s no overt segregation against gays.”

I would assume that it has regained buzz due to Dr. Carson’s confirmation as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, as though this somehow has any merit relating to his duties in his newly nominated position.

The Left failed to thwart his confirmation by blindly questioning the qualifications of a world-renowned neurosurgeon, so now they must think that they are going to be able to defame his character by pointing out Dr. Carson’s irritation with gay rights activists comparing their “fight” to the Civil Rights Movement.

The problem (for them) is that his irritation is absolutely justified. Or is it?

I mean, maybe it is time that we think about ending “heterosexual only” water fountains, bathrooms, schools, neighborhoods, universities, restaurants, bowling alleys, movie theaters and other public accommodations. Maybe it is wrong to make homosexuals sit on the back of the bus and give up their seat for us straight-folk. Maybe homosexuals do deserve the right to vote without these unfair voting registration standards we’ve been placing on them. Maybe homosexuals deserve the right to hold any job they’re qualified for.

Wow, I’m really enlightened. I had no idea all of those struggles and more were things that homosexuals in America are fighting on a daily basis!

Wait, you mean to tell me they’re not actually fighting any of those things?

But that would mean that they’re comparing being offended because of individuals that don’t agree with their lifestyle to a demographic of people who have faced horrendous hardships and discrimination… that seems really offensive to those brave men and women that fought through the Civil Rights Movement.

That’s because it is offensive and that is why Dr. Carson’s irritation is, in fact, justified.

I am not insinuating that gays have not faced discrimination or adversity, or that horrible things haven’t been done to gay people. But it’s insulting to compare a bakery respectfully declining to bake a wedding cake to not even being allowed to walk into the cake shop in the first place.

Undermining the Civil Rights Movement doesn’t give your cause any more traction. In fact, it just shows how little you think of the people that lived and fought through it.


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