gallery Dr. Ben Carson: The Only Neurosurgeon in History Whose Qualifications are Questioned 

By: Jericho Cook

Dr. Carson is one of the most eloquent, intelligent, level-headed and well-spoken men that is now in the American political profession. A man who is highly respected and regarded within the medical profession, and was the literal pioneer of several modern neurosurgical procedures.

Yet, Leftist news, media and entertainment outlets claim that Dr. Carson is no more intelligent than a blade of grass and no more qualified to be Secretary of HUD than a blade of grass.

A horribly offensive column from Time magazine purports that Dr. Carson’s nomination for Secretary of HUD “… is an offense to America,” as well as belittling his intelligence and astounding list of qualifications by equating him to a celebrity chef being asked to run the Pentagon.

Tonight’s opening sketch on Saturday Night Live also decided to poke fun at Dr. Carson by questioning his qualifications in a spoof of Donald Trump’s first press conference leading up to his inauguration.

It is astounding that anyone would deem it appropriate to question and mock the intelligence of a world-renowned neurosurgeon, not to mention the fact that Dr. Carson grew up in a home provided by HUD.

Think about this: here we have a man who is literally a product of HUD housing, went on to become one of the most influential and innovative neurosurgeons to ever live, and has now been tapped to head the same department that provided the home his young mind was cultivated in.

This is literally a story that defines how wonderful America is. A story that is a depiction of how America truly is a land of opportunity. One that should make every American proud.

So why are there so many Americans vehemently against Dr. Carson’s appointment as Secretery of HUD?

The short answer: because he’s a Republican.

Let’s be honest, his story would be celebrated the world over if Democrats could say one of their own was a product of government housing, became a world leader in his medical profession, and then be appointed to head the same department that provided the home where he was raised.

But because this doesn’t fit the Left’s cookie-cutter claim that all successful Republicans achieved their positions and wealth by exploiting Americans and being born with a silver spoon in their mouths, they don’t want to support it.

But I think I can speak for most conservatives when I say congratulations, Dr. Carson. We look forward to all of the wonderful things you are going to do for America.


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