gallery Americans Are Now Fearful of Plumbers Thanks to Trump

By: Jericho Cook

No, this is not a newly updated post to The Onion. This is a real statement that is being shared across multiple social media platforms.

Senior editor at ThinkProgress (big surprise), Ned Resnikoff, shared details of a recent experience when he needed to call a plumber to his home:

The ridiculousness that is encapsulated in this account that left Resnikoff “… rattled for some time after he left” is almost unbearable.

Apparently if a man is white, middle-aged, has a southern accent and is unperturbed by the news from that week then he is an anti-Semitic, potentially dangerous, Trump-voter; even though Resnikoff himself stated that “He was a perfectly nice guy and a consummate professional.”

Resnikoff is making some very derogatory and ignorant assumptions based on his retelling of this horror-story…

Because the man is a middle-aged plumber with a southern accent Resnikoff is assuming that he is unintelligent and uneducated. Ignoring the fact that he called this plumber to help repair an issue in his home that he didn’t know how to fix himself (i.e. an issue that he is uneducated on), one cannot simply declare that they are going to become a plumber and then begin working. Becoming a plumber takes an education, vocational training and an apprenticeship (which can last 2-3 years). Once those prerequisites are fulfilled, you then have the ability to apply to become a licensed plumber. In other words, Resnikoff: it takes intelligence and education to become a plumber.

Because the man “… seemed unperturbed by this week’s news” Resnikoff is assuming that he is either uninformed or does not care about whatever ambiguous news he is referring to. Perhaps this plumber is too busy performing back-breaking manual labor to be able to pay as much attention to CNN’s breaking headlines as Resnikoff is, given that it is literally his job to pay attention to those things. Perhaps he truly doesn’t care about whatever “breaking news” was reported. Either way, that offers no substantial evidence as to whether this man is an anti-Semite, dangerous or who he may have voted for.

Ned, this is the reason why so many Americans did not vote for the Democratic Party’s horrible presidential nominee.

Not because they are anti-Semitic, dangerous, racist, xenophobic, bigots or any other disparaging insult you so carelessly hurl their way.

It’s because people like you look down on regular, hard-working Americans.

So either learn to treat others with the same respect, kindness and professionalism that you admit this man showed you, or unclog your drain yourself.


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