Former Bernie Sanders Press Secretary Claims the Kidnapping and Torture of Mentally-Challenged White Teen is Not a Hate Crime

By: Jericho Cook

We knew that we dodged a bullet when it became certain that Bernie Sanders would no longer have an opportunity to become the next President of the United States, but that is becoming more evident now that we see the kinds of people he surrounded himself with during his campaign.

Last night on CNN Tonight with Don Lemon, former Bernie Sanders Press Secretary and Democrat Strategist, Symone Sanders, was a featured guest on Lemon’s panel.

The quartet, along with Lemon, were discussing whether or not the heinous act of four black teens in Chicago kidnapping and torturing a mentally-challenged white teen was a hate crime.

Even though the culprits can be heard repeating the phrases “F*** Donald Trump” and “F*** white people” that apparently isn’t convincing enough for the outspoken Sanders to classify this as a hate crime.

She claimed that in order for something to be considered a hate crime it would have to be motivated by someone’s “racial ethnicity, their religion, their gender [or] a disability”.

Ignoring the fact that the victim of this tragedy fits two of those four categories, Sanders then had the audacity to claim that Donald Trump is the reason that it happened; but that comes as no surprise from someone who is thought highly of by a man that thinks white people can’t be poor.

There is, however, a silver-lining in the wake of these ignorant comments. Many individuals within the black community are taking a stand and calling this act for what it is: a hate crime.

Take a look at the powerful statement from radio personality, James T. Harris.

Now that these four miscreants are being charged with a hate crime by the Chicago Police Department, hopefully a message is being sent to Sanders and company.

When you target a person because of their race and disability, it is without question a hate crime.

Those are your words, Symone.


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