Love, Acceptance and Support: What Do They Really Mean?

By: Jericho Cook

Recently a commercial has been subjected to a great deal of praise from left-wing individuals for giving “a big middle finger to gender stereotypes”, see if you agree.

In addition to said video, I have been seeing an image with a similar message being shared:

There is absolutely nothing wrong with supporting your children and the things they may be interested in, but for those that buy into this warped sense of parental righteousness that means offering more support to your children that you believe to be “different” than to your children that you believe to be “normal”.

I can remember being a young boy in a toy store with my mom and wanting a toy that had two little girl dolls on a seesaw. I didn’t care whether the toy had girl dolls or boy dolls, I simply liked the toy and was allowed to have it. Of course I enjoyed the toy for awhile, but like everything else it was left to collect dust as I aged and acquired newer and better things.

Nowadays, though, if a boy were to like and want a “girl’s toy” many parents would begin a series of false-assumptions: “Maybe he’s gay?” or “Maybe he’s trying to tell us he’s really a girl?”

Then these parents may buy into these assumptions prematurely: “Son, if you’re gay just know we will always love and support you” or “If you feel like you’re really a girl, honey, we can call you whatever you’d like and look at hormonal therapy”.

Love, acceptance and support doesn’t mean treating children like they’re adults, sexualizing their behavior or forcing them to undergo irreversible damage to their hormones and development, that more closely resembles hate.

It is hate to treat your children as though they are your equals, you are the parent and they are the child.

It is hate to sexualize the behaviors of a child.

It is hate to “accept” and “support” the decisions of a human being that has a hard time remembering how to tie their own shoes, let alone claim that they were born the wrong gender.

I am all for letting a kid be a kid. Let them play with whatever toys they want to. Let them wear whatever color they like. Let them play outside and get dirty. But don’t perpetuate hate under the guise of love, acceptance and support.

Show them those things by letting them just be kids today and saving the adult issues for the day when they can articulate and reconcile what those issues truly mean.

This may require a bit of patience, however, because it’ll have to wait for the day that they are adults too.


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